This is my shack. I proudly use Heil Mics the pictured one is the HM-12 which I love.  My rig is the Kenwood TS-480SAT which is 160 – 6m and 100 watts.  I use Ham Radio Deluxe for logging and radio control.  I purcahsed 6.0 because I think it is a great piece of software. My antenna is a G5RV mini which is running East/West in the attic at about 20 feet.  There is another G5RV mini running North/South in an inverted Vee in the attic.  I just need to get my MFJ remote switch to hook it up. For digitial modes I use the Signalink USB and my power supply is Astron.  I plan on adding a 2m/440 rig.  The antenna is up in the attic, I just haven’t run the coax to the shack in the basement.  I currently use Echolink and DvDongle for D-Star from the Shack.  Mobile I use the Icom ID-880H which also has D-Star.  I run it into a mag mount.  The mobile also has the Uniden Home Patrol Scanner which is great!  Here are the links for the equipment I use:

Uniden Home Patrol :

Kenwood TS-480 :

Heil HM-12 Mic :

Signalink USB :

Icom ID-880H :

Here are the pictures of my shack: