I ended up getting a break in the weather enough to work AO-27 on its 18:18Z to 18:33Z pass over Maryland on 9/18/2012.

I had a bit of a learning curve switching the frequencies, holding the antenna and recorder and trying to work someone.  I heard CO6CBF at EL92 and he called me but I did not get a confirmation from him.  I heard W4SE, NL7VX, NX9B and WI9I.

My first satellite contact was K4KEG EM 55 at close to LOS.  Here is the QSO that I recorded:


My second QSO was right after that with W5PFG who called me and was on the grid line of DM94/EM04.  Here is the QSO that I recorded:


What alot of fun.  I know I will get better at it as time goes.  I think I am going to get a tripod.